SmartSAFE membantu Anda mengeksekusi saham berdasarkan kondisi yang diinginkan, tanpa harus dihadapan komputer terus menerus, sehingga “take profit” maupun “stop loss ” dapat diatur sebelumnya. SmartSAFE akan disimpan pada server.


smartSAFE automatically submit for all your shares

SmartSAFE dapat terus aktif hingga 30 hari apabila anda mengaktifkan Good Till Submited meskipun komputer dalam keadaan mati atau koneksi internet terputus. Kini SmartSAFE secara otomatis melakukan submit untuk Semua Saham Anda.


smartSAFE helps you execute your shares based on the condition, , without having to be in front of your computer continuously, so “take profit” and also “stop loss” can be set beforehand.
smartSAFE will be stored in our server. If you activate the Good Till Submitted feature, smartSAFE can be kept active until 30 days calendar, even though the computer is shutdown and no internet connection.

Now, smartSAFE automatically submit for all your shares. SmartSAFE, more user friendly and available on multiple platforms, from low-end mobile java-midp phone to the high-end PC-tablet iPad.

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